Stormie Mills, one of Australia's most distinctive visual artists, will be showing his latest body of work 'To the Moon and Back' at the Friends of Leon Gallery in Surry Hills, from 13 – 29 October.

A cult figure in his home state of WA – many of his unique characters adorn building exteriors and public spaces – Stormie's solo exhibition explores the final frontier of humanity. Looking beyond the borders of our own galaxy and inspired by the unknown, 'To the Moon and Back' is evocative, nostalgic and moving. Throwing it back to the great Space Race of the 1950s and a bygone, quieter era without the constant noise of technology, these unique artworks comment on our social isolation. "We are more connected than ever, yet an increasing sense of loneliness pervades our existence," floating like the astronauts in this solo exhibition.

Stormie's powerful use of paints is well known, but in these works he has added a new element: actual stardust. Yes, authentic stardust has been blended with the paint in a full commitment to his out-of-this-world theme. It was sourced from an ancient meteorite, formed 4.5 billion years ago. 

If you're in Sydney from 13 - 29 October, pop into the Friends of Leon to take it all in, and ponder that great, big beyond.